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Build your wealth with a reputable name

Our service is designed to help you create financial freedom so you can enjoy the wealth you have generated.

Defend your wealth from taxation

We do everything in our power to reduce the tax burden so you can keep as much of your money as possible whilst complying with the law.

Pass your wealth to your loved ones

Reduce the Inheritance Tax burden as much as possible so you can rest assured your family can enjoy vast financial security.

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Find out how much you could save

Use our compound interest calculator

Calculate and compare the expected interest earnings on various investment scenarios so that you know if an 9% return, compounded daily is better than a 10% return, compounded annually.


Simple to Use

Just enter your beginning balance, the regular deposit amount at any specified interval, the interest rate, compounding interval, and the number of years you expect to allow your investment to grow.


Get in Touch

Call us on 0151 709 3308 to find out more about the results you will receive due to varying deposit and compounding intervals.

Compound interest calculator

Beginning Account Balance:
Enter the addition (£):
Annual Interest Rate (%):
Choose Your Compounding Interval:
Number of Years To Grow:
Future Value:
Total Deposits:
Interest Earned:

About us

Trusted & prominent independent financial advisors

We take care of everything

DBS is one of the most-trusted and prominent providers of independent financial advice in the UK, and we can offer and implement a range of tax-efficient strategies for personal and business clients, with the ultimate objective or safeguarding not only your present prosperity but your future too.

The company is staffed by expert financial professionals with decades of experience in serving personal and corporate clients between them. We can help you build upon and protect your wealth through a host of risk-weighted, asset-backed investment opportunities. We are ready to hear from you right now if you wish to speak to a friendly, impartial adviser passionate about protecting and growing wealth.

Last News

We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical
actions tailored to our clients' unique reality.

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  • 12th February 2020
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Help is at hand if you’re seeking a recommended financial advisor for business. At DBS, we offer a wide range of services designed to protect businesses now and in the future. Our services are created to promote business continuity and…

Seeking pension and investment advice?

  • 12th February 2020
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Those who fail to plan for and protect their financial future may be setting themselves up for sizeable regrets later in life. At DBS Wealth, we can provide all the assistance you need if you need investment and pension advice….

Find the right personal financial advisor for your needs

  • 12th February 2020
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At DBS, we are committed to helping you make your time and money go further. We are one of the UK’s biggest and fastest-growing wealth management services and can come to your assistance if you require the assistance of an…

We can assist you in wealth protection, investment, pension planning, estate planning, mortgage advice & much more

We have been managing and growing wealth portfolios for over 10 years.

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